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Sabic Lexan PC 141R-111

2017-02-20 16:24

Manufacturer: SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly GE)
The following is a brief introduction to the physical properties of Sabic Lexan 141R. Su Qing (China) has also prepared a detailed table of Sabic Lexan 141R properties for your query. 面的物性表,内容详尽,但请以实际操作为准,欢迎下载使用,您还可以进入我们的Sabic塑料总目录或Sabic塑料物性表 来查找Sabic Lexan 141R 相关产品。 The most comprehensive table of physical properties with detailed content, but please refer to the actual operation. Welcome to download and use. You can also find Sabic Lexan 141R related products by entering our Sabic plastic catalog or the table of plastic properties . If you have any questions about our Sabic Lexan 141R, please 2元彩票 directly at 400-6700-720 .
SuQing provides you with high-quality services, complete certificates, formal channels, flexible transactions, reasonable prices, excellent quality, same-day delivery, and on-time delivery. Physical property tables (English and Chinese versions), processing parameter tables, ROHS (SGS ), MSDS, UL Yellow Card and FDA certification related materials.
Sabic Lexan 141R Characteristics Note: Non-halogenated. MFR (melt flow rate): 10.5. Injection molding. Transparent colors are available, translucent and opaque, and contain release agents.
长率:130 % 弯曲强度:96 MPa 弯曲模量:2343 MPa 硬度:118 维卡软化点:154 ℃ 热变形温度:132 ℃ Important parameters: Melt flow rate: 10.5 g / 10min Density: 1.2 g / cm3 Water absorption: 0.15% Notched impact strength: 800 Tensile strength: 62 MPa Elongation at break : 130% Flexural strength: 96 MPa Flexural modulus: 2343 MPa Hardness: 118 Vicat Softening point: 154 ℃ Thermal deformation temperature: 132 ℃
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Lexan polycarbonate (PC) and PC-based resins have impact resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and clarity . Lexan resin is a kind with high mechanical, optical thermoplastic engineering, electrical and thermal properties. 剂,包括紫外线稳定剂和脱模剂。 It offers a variety of additives , including UV stabilizers and release agents. 增强。 Grades include FDA standards, flame retardant, high flowability, and glass reinforcement. Lexan聚碳酸酯树脂是一种无定形的热塑性工程塑 料,具有优异的力学、光学、电学和热学性能。 The most extensive and innovative polycarbonate combination available today. Lexan polycarbonate resin is an amorphous thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties. 的选择等设计的多功能性:环保合格的阻燃性、抗划伤性、韧性、耐热性、耐候性、生物相容性 、光学质量,并符合严格的FDA和USP要求。 The Lexan combination offers a wide range of design versatility through its wide range of viscosities and products : environmentally qualified flame retardancy, scratch resistance, toughness, heat resistance, weather resistance, biocompatibility , optical quality, And meet strict FDA and USP requirements.
聚碳酸酯是一种强韧的热塑性树脂,其名称来源于其内部的CO3基团。 The component polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic resin whose name derives from its internal CO3 group. (COCl2)合成。 Can be synthesized from bisphenol A and carbon oxychloride (COCl2). The more commonly used method is the melt transesterification method (bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate through transesterification and polycondensation
LEXAN RESIN PC resin-series
> EXL improves toughness
Designed for healthcare applications
> SLX provides excellent UV resistance
> Advanced flame retardant resin for aircraft
Dust and antistatic resin
Automatic lighting and glazing
> DMX's improved scratch resistance
Extrusion Blow Molding / Extrusion
Eye-to-eye application
> FST for internal applications of aircraft
Food contact high-calorie food contact
Functional effect enhancement
Universal filler with high stability
Charge impact strength
> General filling flame retardant glass fiber reinforced flame retardant
> Wide range of universal filling viscosity, hydrolysis and UV stability
> General filled FR non-filled flame retardant
> Improved processing and easy handling
Media discs and disc applications
> Non- and non-chlorinated brominated non-bromide and non-chlorine flame retardant systems
> Packaging water bottle application
Application of safety eyewear
Standard high heat resistance
Structural foam engineering foam grade
的应用 Application of sun eye wear
> Visualfx Aesthetic Features
> Effective high heat best processing performance
LEXAN RESIN PC resin-properties
> Biocompatible HP
脂的韧性非晶族。 The biocompatible combination of Lexan resin is a blend of PC resin and PC copolymer, which combines the toughness of the polycarbonate resin with the unique requirements of the medical market .
> Core products
Lexan polycarbonate (PC) and PC-based resins have impact resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and clarity. 高机械、光学、电学和热学性质的非晶态工程热塑性塑料。 The resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic with high mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties.
> Flame retardant
This combination of Lexan polycarbonate resins follows the insurance laboratory test protocol and offers multiple product options.
Far compatible
Lexan Far Compatible is a series of resins that meet the requirements of FAA standard aircraft cabin and cargo applications.
> High calorie
The high-calorie product portfolio is based on polycarbonate copolymer blending technology that provides greater thermal resistance than standard Lexan polycarbonate products.
> Improve toughness
,标准的电脑等级。 This rugged combination is a series of polycarbonate (polycarbonate) copolymer formulations that provide superior impact and low temperature ductility compared to standard computer grades.
> Optical quality
This portfolio provides the eyewear products required for strength and pure quality, as well as the application of optical media.
> Special effects
物技术。 The combination of special effects is a series of resins that can enhance your product both aesthetically and functionally by using advanced pigment and polymer technology.
> Anti-scratch
和氯免费FR技术。 An extensive Lexan DMX resin portfolio offers-all grades have improved scratch resistance than traditional polycarbonate and use bromine and chlorine free FR technology.
> Weather resistance
冲击性能的Lexan树脂后的透明度和韧性。 The weather-resistant resin combination is an amorphous family of PC copolymer resin blends, providing transparency and toughness after Lexan resin with outstanding retention of color, gloss, weathering and thermal shock properties.
Lexan resin PC resin-application
、光盘、包装、计算机等办公室设备、医疗及保健、薄膜、休闲和防护器材等。 The three major application fields of PC engineering plastics are glass assembly industry, automotive industry and electronics, electrical appliances industry, followed by industrial machinery parts , optical discs, packaging, computer and other office equipment, medical and health care, films, leisure and protective equipment.
,照明设备、工业安全档板和防弹玻璃。 PC can be used as door and window glass, and PC laminates are widely used in protective windows of banks, embassies, detention centers and public places, for aircraft cabin covers , lighting equipment, industrial safety baffles and bulletproof glass.
PC树脂用于汽车照明系统,仪表盘系统和内装饰系统,用作前灯罩,带加强筋汽车前后档板,反 光镜框,门框套、操作杆护套、阻流板. PC board can be used for various signs, such as petrol pump dials, car dashboards, warehouse and outdoor commercial signs, point slide indicators, PC resin is used in automotive lighting systems, instrument panel systems and interior decoration systems, and used as front lamp covers Car front and rear baffles with stiffeners, mirror frames, door frame covers, joystick covers, and spoilers.
接件,电闸盒、电话总机、配电盘元件,继电器外壳, PC可做低载荷零件,用于家用电器马达 、真空吸尘器,洗头器、咖啡机、烤面包机、动力工具的手柄,各种齿轮、蜗轮、轴套、导规、 冰箱内搁架。 PC is used as junction boxes, sockets, plugs and bushings, gaskets, TV converters, connection parts for communication cables under telephone line brackets, switch boxes, switchboards, switchboard components, relay enclosures, and PCs can be used for low loads Parts for household appliances motors , vacuum cleaners, shampooers, coffee machines, toasters, power tool handles, various gears, worm gears, bushings, guide gauges, refrigerator shelves.
PC is an ideal material for optical disc storage media.
器)。 PC bottle (container) is transparent, light weight, good impact resistance, resistant to certain high temperature and corrosive solution washing, as a recyclable bottle (container ).
PC and PC alloy can be used as computer racks, casings and auxiliary machines, printer parts.
,肾透析器等,PC可做头盔和安全帽,防护面罩,墨镜和运动护眼罩。 Modified PC is resistant to high-energy radiation sterilization, resistant to cooking and baking and sterilization. It can be used for blood collection specimens, blood oxygenators, surgical instruments , kidney dialyzers, etc. PC can be used as helmets and hard hats, protective masks, sunglasses and sports protection. Blindfold. 膜式换向器。 PC film is widely used in printing graphics, pharmaceutical packaging, and film commutators.
LEXAN RESIN PC resin-processing
PC can be injection molded, extruded, molded, blow molded, thermoformed, printed, bonded, coated and machined. The most important processing method is injection molding . ,银丝和气泡,PC在室温下具有相当大的强迫高弹形变能力。 It must be pre-dried before molding, and the moisture content should be less than 0.02%. Processing of trace amounts of water at high temperatures will produce white turbidity , silver wire and air bubbles. PC has a considerable force of high elastic deformation at room temperature. 拉,冷辊压等冷成型加工。 The impact toughness is high, so cold forming such as cold pressing, cold drawing, and cold rolling can be performed .

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